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One of these improbable stories is that Ford punished a slave by placing the man’s head in a vise and while it was thus fastened cut off the negro’s ears and pulled out his teeth.


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Lad checked himself midway in his own fierce charge. Teeth bare, throat agrowl, he hesitated. It had seemed to him right and natural to assail the man who had struck him so painfully. But now this same man was lying still and helpless under him. And the sporting instincts of a hundred generations of thoroughbreds cried out to him not to mangle the defenceless.

"Would you have married me if it had been possible?" he persisted, though now more calmly.

William Darby, another citizen of Natchez, in an account published in The Casket Magazine, in 1834, tells what occurred shortly after John Mason was whipped: “One of the jury, whose name I omit,” writes Darby, “made himself very conspicuous at the trial of John Mason, wishing before the whole court and audience, that ‘the rascal might be hung.’” By some means Samuel Mason received a report of the juryman’s statement. A few weeks later this same juror, returning to Natchez from one of the settlements, had occasion to ride over a bridle path through a heavy canebreak. He was suddenly confronted by Samuel Mason who stepped out of the cane, armed with a tomahawk and rifle, and, raising the rifle, pointed it at the

their danger. He was a hale, athletic figure, and roughly clad in the leather shirt and leggins, common to the Indians and hunters of the frontier.


"Do you live?" Takeko asked quietly.

1.  比如,世界卫生组织联合专家组正在中国考察,他们与中国同行一道,针对新型冠状病毒疫情的未知领域寻找答案。这显然有助于完善全球重大疫情防控机制,健全全球公共卫生应急管理体系,更好防范“黑天鹅”或“灰犀牛”的到来。

2.  时任美国国务院政策规划研究室主任斯金纳(Kiron Skinner)去年就曾赤裸裸地把应对中国崛起说成是西方世界与“非高加索人种”的竞争。在以美国为代表的西方主流价值观里,西方人(或者说白人)才是自由和民主的象征,即便是一些非白人国家和地区在经济和政治治理上取得成就也会被定性为西方的恩赐或辅助的结果。任何非西方的或者非白人的国家和地区的崛起都被视为对西方秩序潜在的威胁与挑战。


Stuffing her into the suit was hard, awkward work, like dressing a doll that is too large for its garments; but he managed it, closed her helmet, saw the flexible parts of her suit bulge out slightly as its automatic pressure regulators filled it with air.


As the sportsmen arrived in their camp they were met by a terrified group, a deputation of wretched, half-naked people who had come from a hamlet near by to report yet another disaster. They waited while the sahibs got down from the elephants and stretched their cramped limbs, and then they approached with humble yet eager appeal.


Ridicule is a cross-eyed cousin of wit.