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Then there are long corridors defended by gusts of hot air; down the middle swoops a pale little girl on parlour skates. “Get out of my way!” she shrieks as she passes; she has ribbons in her hair and frills on her dress; she makes the tour of the immense hotel. I think of Puck, who put a girdle round the earth in forty minutes, and wonder what he said as he flitted by. A black waiter marches past me bearing a tray that he thrusts into my spine as he goes. It’s laden with large white jugs; they tinkle as he moves, and I recognise the unconsoling fluid. We’re dying of iced water, of hot air, of flaring gas. I sit in my room thinking of these things — this room of mine which is a chamber of pain. The walls are white and bare, they shine in the rays of a horrible chandelier of imitation bronze which depends from the middle of the ceiling. It flings a patch of shadow on a small table covered with white marble, of which the genial surface supports at the present moment the sheet of paper I thus employ for you; and when I go to bed (I like to read in bed, Harvard) it becomes an object of mockery and torment. It dangles at inaccessible heights; it stares me in the face; it flings the light on the covers of my book but not upon the page — the little French Elzevir I love so well. I rise and put out the gas — when my room becomes even lighter than before. Then a crude illumination from the hall, from the neighbouring room, pours through the glass openings that surmount the two doors of my apartment. It covers my bed, where I toss and groan; it beats in through my closed lids; it’s accompanied by the most vulgar, though the most human, sounds. I spring up to call for some help, some remedy; but there’s no bell and I feel desolate and weak. There’s only a strange orifice in the wall, through which the traveller in distress may transmit his appeal. I fill it with incoherent sounds, and sounds more incoherent yet come back to me. I gather at last their meaning; they appear to constitute an awful inquiry. A hollow impersonal voice wishes to know what I want, and the very question paralyses me. I want everything — yet I want nothing, nothing this hard impersonality can give! I want my little corner of Paris; I want the rich, the deep, the dark Old World; I want to be out of this horrible place. Yet I can’t confide all this to that mechanical tube; it would be of no use; a barbarous laugh would come up from the office. Fancy appealing in these sacred, these intimate moments to an “office”; fancy calling out into indifferent space for a candle, for a curtain! I pay incalculable sums in this dreadful house, and yet haven’t a creature to assist me. I fling myself back on my couch and for a long time afterwards the orifice in the wall emits strange murmurs and rumblings. It seems unsatisfied and indignant and is evidently scolding me for my vagueness. My vagueness indeed, dear Harvard! I loathe their horrible arrangements — isn’t that definite enough?

‘You did the right,’ she said. ‘God’s will be done.’ And she set out meat for us at once.

My other friend is a minister. I have always been a little shy on meeting preachers[Pg 102] of the gospel. Why I do not know. But there was always something in my make-up that ever made me lukewarm toward men of that class. I had this against ministers, that the most of them whom I had met lacked, for want of a better term, the strong masculine personality all real men should possess. They appeared to me to have a sort of sticky sense of goodness about them that seems unreal for men of this life to have. They left the impression of feminism upon me. I have thought, too, somehow, that the minister of the present does not know life as it really is, that he spends too much of his time in preaching and too little in doing. Of course I believe that as a class they are all doing all they can toward a betterment of social and industrial life, but I would rather they took their facts from life than from books.









1.  比如在去年11月17日,呼和浩特市中级人民法院一审公开宣判犯罪嫌疑人白静贪污违法所得没收申请一案,裁定没收高度可能属于白静使用违法所得购买的9套房产。

2.  但另一方面,部分反对派支持者已走上街头,庆祝孔戴政府的倒台。在他们看来,已执政十多年的孔戴政府腐败无能,继续让国家沉沦,而他去年修宪谋求无限期连任的举动,更是让局势“火上浇油”。相较而言,前法国外籍军团出身的杜姆比亚,代表了某种“变革性”的力量。




IPO现场检查威力大:创业板11家撤9家 科创板9家撤7家

  [文/观察者网 王世纯]美国国防部信息和图片公开网站(DVIDS.com)9月13日发布了3张美海警第17管区拍摄的照片。照片配文表示,当地时间8月30日,解放军1艘巡洋舰(美军将我055型驱逐舰称为“renhai”级巡洋舰,观察者网注),一艘驱逐舰和一艘补给舰进入美阿留申群岛经济专属区,海岸警卫队巡逻舰“伯特索夫”号和海岸警卫队巡逻舰“金博尔”号近距离监视。




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