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“There, there, my dear, don’t take on so.”


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"Well, don't let us argue about it any more. We'll drop the subject. And do stay and dine with us, as your husband is out to-night and you're alone."

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"Right you are. Come along," Arthur agreed, in a spasm of pity for the futility of the man.

“No,” said Frances, very decidedly. “I am much stronger than Constance. She might have some patience with—with—what was fanciful; but I should have none.”

“‘They ain’t a hair’s difference,’ he said. ‘He’s a little slicker than yours—that’s all—better groomed than the one in yo’ barn.’

Place three rows of salt on a table in three lines, three equal measures to each row. The person performing the spell then encloses the rows of salt with his arm, leaning his head down over them, while he repeats the Lord’s Prayer three times over each row—that is, nine times in all. Then he takes the hand of the one who has been fairy-struck, and says over it,234 “By the power of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, let this disease depart, and the spell of the evil spirits be broken! I adjure, I command you to leave this man [naming him]. In the name of God I pray; in the name of Christ I adjure; in the name of the Spirit of God I command and compel you to go back and leave this man free! Amen! Amen! Amen!”


1.There was a wistful note in the last sentence that robbed it of any offence, and Arthur was touched by it. The effect of his brief visit to the house was being dissipated already by the surroundings of the garden.

2.  另外,在家庭环境,家中没有新冠肺炎患者的密切接触者时可不佩戴口罩,家庭成员出现呼吸道疾病症状时,应配戴口罩;在工作环境中,单人办公,可不戴口罩,多人办公,办公环境通风、空旷且彼此间确认健康状况良好时,可不戴口罩。




“It was Dickens,” I murmured, unable to suppress a smile. “But what do you mean, Poirot?”


she observed, with apprehension, that Mr. Kennard and Mrs. Coventry were making for a screened-in, dimly lit veranda, and that Captain Coventry was following the couple with slow, determined steps.