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Amos had become intensely interested in a black smudge which, through his powerful binoculars, he had just discovered on the horizon. He found himself wondering what kind of vessel was leaving that low trail of smoke behind it. Was it a dreadnaught carrying the British union Jack or just a transport bearing more forces of the Allies to help beat a way through the rock-bound strait that barred the route to Constantinople?


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"Faith, I'm not so sure of that," he returned, bitterly; "he has some sorry cattle about him, and, to say the least, he is easily pleased in the way of company."


He had an extraordinary feeling that he and the machine were growing and swelling, that they were getting bigger and bigger, and the sky and the world and everything else smaller. At last he was a monstrous man in a vast aeroplane in the tiniest of universes. He was as great as God.

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"Positive! I've thought so a long time--now I'm sure! And you must be a great goose, George, not to have noticed it yourself."

Ulster was a little country; altogether the dispute did not affect many thousands of men, but except for the difference in scale there was indeed hardly any difference at all between this scramble towards civil conflict in Ireland and the rush, swift and noiseless, that was now carrying central Europe towards immeasurable bloodshed. To kill and mutilate and waste five human beings in a petty riot is in its essence no less vile a crime than to kill and mutilate and waste twenty 425millions. While the British Tories counted their thousands, the Kaiser and his general staff reckoned in millions; while the British ??loyalists?? were smuggling a few disused machine-guns from Germany, Krupp??s factories were turning out great guns by the hundred. But the evil thing was the same evil thing; a system narrow and outworn, full of a vague fear of human reason and the common sense of mankind, full of pride and greed and the insolent desire to trample upon men, a great system of false assumptions and fixed ideas, oppressed by a thirsty necessity for reassurance, was seeking the refreshment of loud self-assertion and preparing to drink blood. The militarist system that centred upon Potsdam had clambered to a point where it had to kill men or go. The Balkans were the Ulster of Europe. If once this Balkan trouble settled down, an age of peace might dawn for Europe, and how would Junkerdom fare then, and where would Frau Bertha sell her goods? How would the War Lord justify his glories to the social democrat?...



“Who are you?” she said at last; “and why do you stand beside me?”

1.  中国春播粮食面积占全年的一半以上,夏粮产量超过全年的1/5,夏油产量超过全年2/5。春季田管和春耕备耕是粮食丰收、农民持续增收的基础。

2.  笔者注意到,对因公殉职的逝者消息也不都是以公告发布的。2月7日凌晨,江苏省南京市中医院副院长、院新冠肺炎防治小组组长徐辉医生去世的消息,就是以讣告发布的。






Gallows Field, Jefferson County, Mississippi


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